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For more information contact: Jill Gass - CoachJillGass@gmail.com

B4T9 has continued to support women in cycling by supporting groups and events that foster equality in cycling and getting more women out on the road and into racing.  We support events where the organizers understand the importance of promoting women with equality in event offerings and prizes.  B4T9 supports our members and all kinds of charity events understanding that a pay-it-forward attitude is important in every part of our lives.  

Membership in B4T9 is more than just about a link to a social ride and a Facebook B4T9-Members Only page.  And while those are the glue that holds our community together and are very nice perks, B4T9 is most importantly an outlet for women to advocate for women in everything to do with cycling.  Whether it’s to voice your pride of an accomplishment in a race, a recreational ride, or a charity event; or have a detailed discussion about bikes, routes, training, nutrition, professional cycling or even getting greasy wrenching together. It’s all of these things.  We have created a community where women of all walks of life are having these experiences.  

B4T9 has connections with various clubs and disciplines where women can thrive at their own level and support each other.  One might think all of this is perfectly normal today, but it was not so long ago that it was NOT.  In fact, it was not that long ago that finding another woman (singular) to ride with, let alone women (plural) was very difficult.  

Join the B4T9 community of women and help us multiply! 

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B4T9 is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. For more information email Membership@b4t9.com

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