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Membership Newsletter Jan-Apr 2018

04/29/2018 11:04 PM | Kim Stackpole (Administrator)

Hi Everyone! 

There is no doubt that cycling sometimes takes a back seat to all sorts of other planned or unplanned circumstances or priorities; for example-Mother Nature. In practically every community where B4T9 has a presence; our teammates have likely had experiences with the forces of nature in the last year and have been affected in some way personally or through friends and family. 

For example, from a team perspective, early this year some of our planned B4T9 rides were not accessible, we were actuallyphysicallysplit by a divide of mud and debris.  Yes, that was a weird experience!  Thankfully through it all we have had Lynda T connecting us through Facebook; keeping us bonded through our love of two wheels.

It’s in that spirit that we ask you to renew your membership if you have not already.  Go online toB4T9 Join/Renewto sign up.  And if you are a current member we thank you!  Please review our new website for Events, Race/Event News and for a link to your members only page where you can order kits. 

  • B4T9 Event Page.  Here is what we want you to be a part of. Your membership also gets you into the B4T9 Members-Only Facebook page where members post their rides and events and stay connected to ourCommunity. Of. Women.
  • B4T9 Team Racing/Events.  It also goes without saying that we have some dedicated, focused, strong women on this team who have made B4T9 a recognized women’s team across California.  We are women who areAwesome. To. The. Extreme.
  • B4T9 Members Only.  Although this is not an active link here in this email, youcanaccess this page once you are a member and sign in.  From this page you can order a kit online through our Jakroo store at any time.  We have also just addedskin suitsfor the upcoming State Championships in Lake Los Angeles where B4T9 will have another good showing for the Team and Individual Time Trials. Skin. Is. In.
  • B4T9 About Us.  And finally, link to this page for a reminder of B4T9’s community and greater goals.Check. Us. Out.


Thank you and see you on the road!

 Your Membership Committee


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