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Newsletter Q4 2018

12/01/2018 7:21 PM | Kim Stackpole (Administrator)

Hi All! 

It’s hard to believe we are entering the last stretch of 2018, but here we are at the doorstep of 2019, so lets get to it!  We’ve got a lot of NEWS UPDATES for you in this newsletter!

RETIREMENT!  LYNDA THOMPSON has recently resigned her spot on the B4T9 Board of Directors (BOD). Lynda has served B4T9 and its mission since inception.  Lynda has been THE #1 GLUE that holds several of our local women's cycling communities together including racing, riding, touring and off the bike activities such as hiking and wine tasting! She has created a powerful FORCE which has supported many causes benefiting women on bikes locally and worldwide. She is a tireless, behind-the-scenes women’s cycling advocateand she will always be that for many of us!

Enter KATHY STEWART...GLUE #2!  She has generously filled this gap and is our newest BOD member.  As most of you already know, Kathy brings an extraordinary amount of positive energy and expertise to the B4T9 board as a cyclist, connector, rabble-rouser, and all round great person.  She is dedicated to the sport and to seeing more women do it! Welcome and Thank You Kathy!!

REST OF THE GLUE.........B4T9 is a non-profit supporting women and girls on bikes and its stewardship is shared by your B4T9 Board of Director teammates.  Thanks to: Kelly McLaughlin, Susi Lamoutte, Patti Danner, Leslie Crandell, Jan Fordham, Jill Gass, Kim Stackpole........Kim does not serve officially on the BOD, but she produces this newsletter and helps us maintain membership, and races  on top of it.  And then there are all of YOU!  You are what keeps us motivated and this group strong and supportive.  We all are the GLUE that makes membership in B4T9 special...so lets keep on rolling! 

Speaking of Membership….Soon we will be gearing up for 2019 Membership drive- be on the lookout for that soon. With YOUR SUPPORT OF A $75 MEMBERSHIP we have been able to send funds to the following organizations:

  • ·        AIDS LIFECYCLE
  • ·        CAL COAST CLASSIC

B4T9 HOLIDAY PARTY!  DEC 9!  RIDE 9:00 FOLLOWED BY POTLUCK LUNCH! Lynda Thompson has once again graciously opened her home to our annual holiday ride and party.  We have spent the last year rising to challenges presented by fires/floods and unfortunately, now is no different.  So again.......we rise to the challenge!!! This year we give special thanks and B4T9 will make a donation to the Santa Monica Mountains Fund (SAMO).  SAMO's mission is to  Protect & Preserve the Santa Monica Mountains and more recently to help our local communities that have been upended by recent events.  

So please RSVP to the invitation and come celebrate our team's successes for 2018 and get pumped up for 2019!   B4T9 will be providing the main course and we are requesting that you bring your favorite side dish.  Feel free to invite friends and family!


Your B4T9 Cycling Team

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